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    Welcome to Memories & Beyond Copyright © 2004 (Stephanie Sharp).  You are welcome to view the images that describe an era in itself.  These images depict meanings in life that portray certain feelings of love, relaxation and a respectful view of what life is really about.  Each and every photo placed on the web defines its own characteristic as it challenges the viewer to read into the message conveyed.  Initially, for your convenience, I would recommend (for proper site viewing) setting your Display Screen Settings (found in the Settings tab of the Display Properties under your Control Panel) to 1024x768 pixels or higher.  Given the layout of the site, the display size can offset the pictures, disabling you from feeling the full extent of each photo's message.  In addition, we would also recommend not viewing the site with any other windows open (Favorites, Side Toolbars, etc.) and make sure to have the site page fully maximized.  We are still in the process of trying to enable error-free browsing when viewing the site as well as ironing out any kinks.  Please also take into consideration the variations in monitor size.  This will also make a difference in your viewing experience.  However, the viewing of these following images is definitely worth your time, for they allow each and every onlooker to comprehend and perhaps conceive his own version of what is truly unspoken.   
    I found that in trying to portray what beauty is alleged within the realm of innocence and pure virtuousness, the best remedy would be to take the purity of children and animals, a twist of humor depicted by times gone by, the correlation between color and beauty, the traditional places that, at one time, described what a home was all about and use the overall combination to allow others to take in and behold what is formulated in all that God has created.  
    Each photo you will view throughout the site tells of a story.  There are images of meditation, contemplation, observation, curiosity, savoring the moment, moments to think about, stories to talk about, remembering when, brotherly love, babies in a tub, posing in thought and being one with nature.
    With all that these photos describe, each idea will be sketched in your memory as you take the opportunity to own such images in any form you choose, whether it be to lift anyone else's spirits by way of Post Cards and Greeting Cards, or simply to remind yourself that beauty does live on by making a statement simply by using the shirt on your back. Each order placed through our website will accompany (upon shipment) a 'Certificate of Authenticity' to represent the authenticity of the M&B product.      
    The photo portrayed to the left is entitled 'Brothers and Friends'.  The photo was an image chosen to be published in a book through the International Library of Photography entitled Mysterious Motions.  The profile of the photo was simply described in so many words - "Have you ever wondered about the mystery hidden within the realm of brotherhood?  Although sibling rivalry exists in all aspects of that word, Dustin (8) and Chad (5) have managed to break that mold and unravel all of the disillusions to reveal the one true quality of a brother - friendship."
    Please be sure, while viewing each page of the site, to read everything pertaining to our products via the website pages for important information before making any purchases. Enter the site with a jest for love and life, for what you will encounter will enlighten your soul and strengthen your heart.  Just follow the pages through (1-11) to access what lies beyond a simple click away.

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